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Till the Spirit is poured on us from on high, and the desert becomes a fertile field, and the fertile field seems like a forest.



1.Please pray for the funds needed for church-building. We declare that He is the Lord Jireh and He will prepare on the mountain of the Lord.

2.Please pray for the second tier of E1 on 6/01-02. There are currently around 400 students who had registered. We declare that God reigns and the camp will be filled with the presence of God.

3.Please pray for the youths of Taichung First, Mingdao High School and other school. We declare that the life of the students in that area will be found by God! They will become a powerful army!

4.Please pray for Summer Camps that young soliders of christ will be raised up to serve in the Kingdom of God through Bible class and short-term mission trip.

作個天國的好管家 / 一、尊榮的天國管家
家,值得珍惜 / 四、破鏡,可以重圓嗎?
挑戰無悔的青春 / 四、年輕的我該預備什麼?



------------------------------  The New Testimony  -------------------------
Salvation Testimony
Chen Tzung Wei
Yang Hau Ming
Tsai Wen Ya
Prayer Testimony
Dai Tzu Liang
Prayer Testimony
Jeng Fang Gu

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